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ACTOM (Pty) Ltd

Recent Projects

1. ACERGY ANTARES: Pipe laying barge - Offshore Gabon project


  • Manufacture and install piping from welding gas ring main to 9 workstations and tie in to panels and regulators.
  • Perform flushing of firing line ring main.
  • Strip and clean HPU for firing line. Reassemble with new pump, flush and commission.
  • Connect up airconditioer units to chilled water system ring main.
  • Perform various hydraulic connections to stinger and winches in firing line.
  • Assist with pressure testing and commissioning

  • 2. DEEPWATER MILLENIUM: Drill ship - Port Elizabeth/ Offshore Mozambique project


    2.1 Davits - inport
  • Hydraulic piping installation on new port and starboard davits.
  • Hot oil flushing.
  • Static and dynamic pressure testing.
  • Commissioning and function testing.
  • Hydraulic piping installation on new port and starboard davits.

  • 2.2 Main deck cranes( qty 4), Riser gantry crane, BOP Transporter, Halliburton HPU and water makers - inport
  • Label and remove hoses from equipment.
  • Fabricate new hoses in 2 on site containerised workshops.
  • Pellet flush, pressure test, certify and register each hose.
  • Install new hoses.

  • 2.3 BOP and pipe handling crane - work done en route to Mozambique
  • Label and remove hoses from equipment.
  • Fabricate new hoses in 2 on deck containerised workshops.
  • Pellet flush, pressure test, certify and register each hose.
  • Install new hoses

  • 2.4 Miscellaneous
  • Repair pipes.
  • Supply specialized fittings and equipment.

  • 3. DEEPSEA METRO 2: Drill ship - Cape Town project


  • Install new stainless steel hydraulic lines.
  • Supply standard hydraulic equipment and custom made stainless steel fittings.

  • Past Projects

    1. SAIPEM FDS: J Lay Vessel - Cape Town project


  • Replace hydraulic piping and hoses on J Lay Tower.
  • Repair 14 Cylinders as part of NOV upgrades.
  • Replace hydraulic piping and hose assemblies on Stinger.
  • Complete overhaul of 46 Stinger Cylinders.
  • Repair 6 HOC cylinders.
  • Overhaul hydraulics on 9 Remacut Rollers.
  • Repair equipment on Loading Arm for NOV.
  • Repair pumps and motors on 2 Liebherr deck cranes.
  • Replace hoses on Liebherr Cranes.
  • Repair 44 Loading Arm cylinders.
  • Repair numerous Rexroth pumps and motors.
  • Repipe Thruster Gearboxes.
  • Overhaul 4 tugger winch closed loop pumps on Amclyde crane.
  • Numerous other hydraulic & pneumatic repairs.
  • On Site Commissioning of all above.

  • 2. SAIPEM 3000: Crane Barge - Cape Town project


  • Overhaul 2 x A frame cylinders with spherical bearings.
  • Overhaul HydraLift crane hydraulics 30Ton 12.5M.
  • Overhaul 3 x Tugger winches.
  • Supply and install grease lines up the A frame and boom.
  • Supply and install aft mooring winch motor.
  • Overhaul Rolls Royce thruster motors.
  • HPU piping to Wartsila tunnel thruster.
  • Various Hydraulic Piping & hose installations.

  • 3. GECO DIAMOND: Seismic Survey Vessel - Cape Town project


  • Strip Handling winches, remove repair & reassemble.
  • Repair Reeler brake cylinder.
  • Replace hoses on 2 work boat and 1 x FRC davits.
  • Remove, blast, strip, assemble, paint, refit 4 x winches.
  • Pressure testing Compressor air line.
  • Pressure test Nitrogen gas cylinders.
  • Replace AVTA Control Valves.

  • 4. PRIDE/ ENSCO PRIDE SOUTH SEAS/ENSCO 5003: Drill rig - Cape Town project


    4.1 Ballast system:
  • Installation, interface and commissioning of new ballast system, including HPU, Actuators, & Control cabinets.
  • Running of Parker Multi-core tube in the Columns.

  • 4.2. Water Tight Doors:
  • Design and install new Emergency Hand Pump system.
  • Commission system.

  • 4.3 General:
  • Installation of Offline Filtration systems.
  • Flushing and Servicing of the Main HPU.
  • Repair, supply, and commissioning of Emergency Chain Release system.
  • Stainless steel piping and Deck penetrations.
  • Supply and install Servo pump units.
  • Supply and install intensifiers.
  • Refurbishment of valves, coolers etc.
  • Commissioning and function testing of system.

  • 4.4 Sub Sea:
  • Refurbishment of 2 x MRT's (Marine Riser Tensioners).
  • Stainless steel piping on the ROV Panels.
  • Supply and Calibration of Chart Recorders.
  • Installation of stainless steel Remote Choke Air line and Gauges.
  • Piping on the Koomey Unit.
  • Supply High Pressure Stainless steel Fittings & equipment.

  • 4.5 Drill Floor:
  • Installation, Interfacing, and commissioning of New Iron Roughneck, including the Remote & Supply control panels.
  • Refurbishment of the Ezy-Torque Unit.

  • 5. DEEP SEA STAVANGER: Drill Rig - Port Elizabeth project


  • Labour & materials to install stainless steel hydraulics, flushing and pressure testing on life boat davits.
  • Labour & materials to install stainless steel Mud Mix pneumatic Lines to 159 actuators.
  • Supply and installation of Nitrogen line.
  • Supply & Installation of Autoclave system.
  • UHP & HP pressure testing and recording.
  • Pickling and flushing of hydraulic lines.
  • BOP piping for NOV system.

  • Other Past Projects

    1. Hydraulic Ring main piping systems

  • The introduction of the Parker Parflange® range of non-welded piping systems has been well received within the    offshore industry. hydron received orders for the supply and installation of stainless steel centralised hydraulic Ring    mains on semi-submersible rigs (Spain, Congo, Angola & Dubai). These Ring mains were installed offshore during    rig operation, resulting in minimal downtime.
  • Two Rigs were done concurrently with two separate teams and fully fitted 6m containerised workshops.

  • 2. Containerized hydraulic power units

  • We have supplied 2 containerised dual pressure Hydraulic Power Units (HPU). One unit comprising 4 x 110KW drives, the second unit comprising 4 x 75KW drives.

  • 3. Other major marine projects

  • Redesign and installation of Squeeze and Tensioner system for offshore pipe laying barge.
  • Thruster steering systems on a dynamically positioned drill ship.
  • Refurbish & repair Ballast Systems for Oil Rigs.
  • Water Tight Door systems for Oil Rigs.
  • Guide Line Tensioner systems repairs.

  • 4. Other non-marine projects

  • 2 x 12m containerised fully fitted Hydraulic workshops for Abidjan.
  • 4 x Aircraft refuellers.
  • 6 x hydraulic drive systems for tuna offloading machines
  • Complete hydraulic overhaul to underground boring machine.
  • Ultra High and medium pressure (Up to 60,000psi) Test Rigs with dual pen Chart recorders


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